An Imagined Wildflower Tapestry, Quadtych, 60" x 144", oil on canvas, 2017

"I seek acquaintance with Nature - to know her moods and manners”.


I too am lured by Nature. She has always spoken to my imagination. 

The brilliance of the newly formed bud; the power of the Earth as she rebounds and transforms through each season; the awesome majesty of the mountain range. These are a few of the images that take me back to a place and time from the past and the senses recalled from that place in time.

A series of my recent work entitled "Journeys of the Mind" is inspired by memories and their associated emotions as I re-trace them through oil on canvas. Patterns emerge within the first brush strokes of thinned paint. Music inspires the connection as I travel through long forgotten images and the complex emotions they elicit. Additional washes of paint complete the composition.

My intent is to not only present a work of art but to also convey an emotion and the sense of wonder that I feel in Nature. I want the viewer to connect with their own memories and emotions for these paintings are not only images of the natural world but also of the mind.

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